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Omniture for Beginners

What is Omniture

Omniture is an online marketing and web analytics business unit in Orem, Utah. It was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2009. Until 2011, Omniture operated as a business unit within Adobe as the “Omniture Business Unit”, but as of 2012 Adobe began retiring the Omniture name as former Omniture products were integrated into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


  • Adobe Analytics (previously SiteCatalyst) – Omniture’s software as a service (Saas) application, offers web analytics (client-side analytics). From 2013 the analytics products are sold as Adobe Analytics Standard or Premium.
  • SearchCenter+ – Assists with paid search and content network optimization in systems such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Bing Ads, andFacebook Ads
  • DataWarehouse – Data warehousing of SiteCatalyst data
  • Test&Target – A/B and multi-variate testing (MVT), derived from Offermatica
  • Test&Target 1:1 – Omniture’s main behavioral targeting solution, derived in part from Touch Clarity, drills down to the individual level of testing
  • Ad-Hoc (previously Discover) – Advanced segmentation tool
  • Data Workbench (previously Insight) – Multichannel segmentation tool (both client- and server-side analytics). Formerly called Discover on Premise [sic], it was derived from Omniture’s Visual Sciences acquisition in 2007
  • Insight for Retail – An Insight product geared toward multiple online and offline retail channels
  • Data Connectors (previously Genesis) – Third-party data integration tool (the majority of integrations work with SiteCatalyst)
  • Recommendations – Automated product and content recommendations
  • SiteSearch – On-demand enterprise search product
  • Merchandising – Search and navigation offering for online stores
  • Publish – Web content management
  • Survey – Visitor sentiment
  • DigitalPulse – Web analytics code configuration monitoring tool, now existing only as a free Java Applet.
  • VISTA – Acronym for “Visitor Identification Segmentation Architecture” -it’s a business rule engine for SiteCatalyst.

As of 2010, Omniture’s offerings included social media tracking.

Omniture setups are always custom. As such, installations can vary in what they show by default and how reports are grouped.  Let’s begin with getting the data you want out of Omniture without necessarily having to log into SiteCatalyst each time you need it.

Navigation Basics

Firstly, make sure you’re looking at the correct report suite – report suites are Omniture’s equivalent of Google Analytics’ views

Secondly, it’s possible that your client already has what you’re looking for set up as a dashboard.


  • Under “View All Reports,” use the Search function to quickly find your needed report
  • Always use the “favorite” function to flag the reports that you come back to often
  • Your favorites will then appear on the left side of your screen underneath “My Favorites”

Send yourself the report on a schedule and in a format that works for you. If you use this feature,make sure that the dates for the metrics you are pulling and your sent schedule match.For example, if you are looking at data from last week, set a weekly send schedule.


Creating Dashboards:

  • Find your report and click ‘Add to Dashboard’
  • Name your report and name your new dashboard

Add as many differing data pulls (reportlets) as you need to your latest dashboard. You can add them from different report suites and with different data ranges.

  • Drag and drop reportlets into preferred order
  • Use the Tool function in order to display reports with or without graphs and details as needed.


We can bring up the metric selector using the “Add Metrics” button on the right hand side, and drag and drop metrics into the “canvas” in the pop-up window.

Notice at the top of the list of metrics there’s a dropdown box to select between “standard” and “calculated” metrics. Unfortunately you’re going to have to use the calculated metrics box sooner or later


Segments in Omniture work much like they do in Google Analytics, and Omniture has now gained the ability to apply multiple segments.

Google Analytics and Omniture – Reports

Google Analytics Omniture SiteCatalyst Path
Dashboards Dashboards
  • View All Reports
  • Dashboards
Acquisition Overview Referrer Types
  • View All Reports
  • Traffic Sources
  • Referrer Types
Audience Overview Visitor Profile reports
  • View All Reports
  • Visitor Profile
Audience Behaviour reports Visitor Retention reports
  • View All Reports
  • Visitor Retention
Landing Pages report Entry Pages report
  • View All Reports
  • Paths
  • Entries and Exits
  • Entry Pages

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